American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile
American Roulette
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
European Roulette
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French Roulette
American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile
American Roulette
American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile
American Roulette
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Arabic Roulette
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Auto-Roulette La Partage game tileAuto-Roulette La Partage game tile
Auto-Roulette La Partage
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Auto-Roulette VIP
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Casino Roulette
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Deutsches Roulette
Dynamic European Roulette game tileDynamic European Roulette game tile
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Dynamic European Roulette
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
European Roulette
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
European Roulette
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
€ 32 658.02
European Roulette
European Roulette Pro game tileEuropean Roulette Pro game tile
European Roulette Pro
First Person Roulette game tileFirst Person Roulette game tile
First Person Roulette
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Gold Roulette
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Golden Chip Roulette
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Immersive Roulette
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Instant Roulette
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First Person Lightning Roulette

Rediscover the classics with Jackpoty roulette

Roulette is the most popular table game and one that enjoys extensive coverage at Jackpoty. Since it was created more than three centuries ago, it has risen to worldwide popularity and it is played in land-based and online casinos. We have the most popular versions of the game, as well as exotic titles with rules tweaked to provide the much-needed variety. If you are one of the online roulette fans, you will fully enjoy the time spent here, competing against the algorithms and real dealers.

Play online roulette for money

The rules of the game are incredibly simple and even if you have no experience, you can learn how to play online roulette in less than a minute. The goal is to predict the final resting place of the ball, with a total of 37, respectively 36 possibilities. The difference comes from the fact that American roulette wheels have 20 slots, whereas European games have a single one. Here at Jackpoty you can play both versions of the game and best flexible amounts; If you want to play roulette for real money these are the four steps:

1. Select a stake and choose a betting market

2. Place a bet before the wheels start spinning

3. Wait for the ball to stop in one number slot

4. Winnings are automatically calculated and credited

Main Types of Roulette

We have dozens of roulette games at Jackpoty and all of them are exciting to play on real money and virtual currency. There are three main types of roulette based on the wheel structure, the number of zero slots, and the rules. Regardless of the number of slots on the roulette wheel, the core game mechanics are the same. The wheel spins in one direction and the ball follows the different path in both land-based and online games. To play online roulette for money, consider European, American, and French roulette.

American Roulette - has 38 numbers on the wheel, with two 0 slots painted in green. This is one of the most common online roulette varieties and it carries a house edge of 5.26%. If the ball lands on zero slots, all the bets except for the ones on this particular number are lost.

European roulette - this game has just 37 numbers, with one zero slots and the house edge shrinks to 2.70%. This is one of the most popular choices for those who play online roulette at Jackpoty. We have live dealer tables as well if you want to play against real croupiers.

French roulette - the layout of the wheel and the total number of slots is identical to the European roulette. The house edge is just 1.35% because of the la partage or en prison rules. The first will refund half the stakes when placing even money bets if the ball lands on zero. En Prison will keep half of the bet in play, so the punter will have another chance at winning the next round.

Main Types of Roulette Bets

Online roulette is simple, fun to play, and suitable for both recreational punters and veterans. If you’re new to the game and want to learn a thing or two about the bets, these are the main wagering options. You can play them all at Jackpoty and enjoy an excellent return regardless of the roulette version.

Inside Bets

Are the best paying ones, but also the best that are less likely to produce a winner. That’s because the odds are lower and this type of wagering is suitable to veteran and experienced Roulette punters.

● Straight up - you bet on a single number and if you win, you are paid 35 to 1.

● Split - you bet on two neighboring numbers and if you win, you are paid 17 to 1.

● Street - you bet on three adjacent and if you win, you are paid 11 to 1.

● Corner - you bet on the intersection of four numbers and if you win, you are paid 8 to 1.

● Basket - you bet on the first five numbers and if you win, you are paid 6 to 1.

● Line - you bet on two neighboring streets and if you win, you are paid 5 to 1.

Outside Bets

Risk-averse punters and those who seek more frequent payouts should consider outside bets. Jackpoty is a place where you can wager easily on these markets at more than a dozen lives and RNG roulette games.

● Red/Black - you bet on the color red or black and if you win, you are paid 1 to 1.

● Even/Odd - you bet on odd and even numbers and if you win, you are paid 1 to 1.

● High/Low - you bet on numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 and if you win, you are paid 1 to 1.

● Column - you bet on one of the three columns and if you win, you are paid 2 to 1.

● Dozen - you bet on one of the three dozens and if you win, you are paid 2 to 1.

Casual vs veterans roulette player bets

You can play online roulette as you like at Jackpoty and switch from one type of back to the other. Inside bets are better for experienced punters, while outside bets are more suitable for amateurs and recreational players. In both cases, proper bankroll management is essential, to enjoy long-term success, while having fun. Luck determines the outcome of each betting round, so regardless of experience, all you need is to have the chance on your side to prevail. Jackpoty has detailed paytables next to every roulette game, so you know exactly how much you can win based on each bet.

Casual players can combine inside bets with outside bets, to cover a broader spectrum of the wheel. The financial exposure is higher, but so are the odds of winning. The goal is to hit one of the inside bets, so you maximize the return on investment while having a safety net in place. Veteran players can afford to focus on inside bets, which have a lower chance to win but can have a greater impact on their bankroll. When focusing on inside bets, experienced punters can use one of the many roulette strategies out there. They are no substitute for luck in these Jackpoty games, but they offer structure and predictability.

Popular roulette strategies

Luck is the determining factor when playing roulette, but doesn’t hurt to have a functional strategy on your side. Jackpoty doesn’t have anything against players using such advanced tactics we encourage you to get creative. There are many things you can try, but these strategies rank the highest in the preferences of casual and veteran punters alike. You can use these tactics at roulette games play against the algorithms or at the best live dealer table such as the ones powered by Evolution Gaming.

● The Martingale - with this online roulette strategy, you bet on outside numbers that have a payout potential of 1 to 1. If you win you return to the original stake, otherwise you double the bet until you finally win. The advantage is that when you finally win, you offset all your losses and make a small profit. The Grand Martingale is similar, but you increase the stakes faster.

● The reverse martingale - this is the opposite of the classic version since you double the online roulette bet after each win. The goal is to maximize the profits during winning streaks and reduce the expenses when you are unlucky.

● The D’Alembert - with this online roulette strategy, you increase the stakes by one after each loss, while sticking to outside bets. You can use it on the Jackpoty top games roulette, including live dealer entertainment.

● The Fibonacci - based on the same string of numbers discovered by the famous mathematician, it uses a 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 progression. It can help you with increasing the size of the online roulette best during winning streaks. When you lose, you return to the original state.

● James Bond - this is one of the more complex roulette strategies, as you are expected to combine different bets. You bet a total of 20 units that cover different sections and numbers on the wheel.

Is it safe to play online roulette for money?

If you choose to gamble at Jackpoty you are secure because our casino is licensed and regulated. Roulette is a simple game with transparent rules, so you are not in danger of being deceived.

How profitable is online betting roulette?

If you choose European roulette the return to the player is more than 97%, with a house edge of 2.70%. It increases slightly for American roulette and decreases for French roulette but it still pays very well.

Is it worth using advanced roulette strategies?

You can play online roulette without knowing any strategy and still be successful if you are lucky. The perk of relying on a strategy is that you have a clear path ahead and know how to increase your stakes.

How important is bankroll management in online roulette for money?

This is the most important thing to consider when placing online roulette bets, as it decreases the risk of losing a lot of money quickly. Adjust your strategy and betting patterns based on your bankroll.

Can I play roulette against live dealers at Jackpoty?

We have a vibrant live dealer collection, with different types of roulette playable against real croupiers. Try European, American, and French roulette against real dealers for the most authentic experience.

Is live roulette more profitable than RNG-powered games?

You have the same chance to win real money roulette whether you play against the algorithms or real dealers. The odds are identical, and the same betting patterns applied for both types of Jackpoty games.

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