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10 Burning Heart game tile10 Burning Heart game tile
10 Burning Heart
100 Burning Hot game tile100 Burning Hot game tile
100 Burning Hot
100 Cats game tile100 Cats game tile
100 Cats
100 Super Hot game tile100 Super Hot game tile
100 Super Hot
2 Dragons game tile2 Dragons game tile
2 Dragons
20 Burning Hot game tile20 Burning Hot game tile
20 Burning Hot
20 Dazzling Hot game tile20 Dazzling Hot game tile
20 Dazzling Hot
20 Diamonds game tile20 Diamonds game tile
20 Diamonds
20 Golden Coins game tile20 Golden Coins game tile
20 Golden Coins
20 Hot Blast game tile20 Hot Blast game tile
20 Hot Blast
20 Joker Reels game tile20 Joker Reels game tile
20 Joker Reels
20 Super Hot game tile20 Super Hot game tile
20 Super Hot
27 Wins game tile27 Wins game tile
27 Wins
30 Spicy Fruits game tile30 Spicy Fruits game tile
30 Spicy Fruits
4 of a Kind Bonus Poker game tile4 of a Kind Bonus Poker game tile
4 of a Kind Bonus Poker
40 Almighty Ramses II game tile40 Almighty Ramses II game tile
40 Almighty Ramses II
40 Burning Hot game tile40 Burning Hot game tile
40 Burning Hot
40 Burning Hot 6 Reels game tile40 Burning Hot 6 Reels game tile
40 Burning Hot 6 Reels
40 Hot & Cash game tile40 Hot & Cash game tile
40 Hot & Cash
40 Lucky King game tile40 Lucky King game tile
40 Lucky King
40 Mega Clover game tile40 Mega Clover game tile
40 Mega Clover
40 Super Hot game tile40 Super Hot game tile
40 Super Hot
40 Ultra Respin game tile40 Ultra Respin game tile
40 Ultra Respin
5 Burning Heart game tile5 Burning Heart game tile
5 Burning Heart

Jackpoty Casino

Aim for a life-changing jackpot with the finest slots at Jackpoty

Here at Jackpoty, we want players to fully enjoy the excitement of online casino entertainment. For this purpose, we have amassed a huge selection of games that covers all the popular genres. Our name speaks for itself and jackpot games are our specialty. We’ve got everything you can possibly hope for, with locally won, flat, and progressive jackpots at your fingertips. You can play them all on mobile devices or stick to desktop and laptop computers if you prefer. The choice is yours!

The origins of progressive jackpot games are not surprisingly rooted in land-based casinos. This is where the first slots with potentially life-changing amounts emerged as their popularity only grew over the years. You can still find them in brick-and-mortar locations, but our casino jackpots are simply better. You can win larger amounts, play more games and qualify for bonuses. All these perks are available at any time of day or night and you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy them.

Spin the reels of slots that are linked with other casinos and compete with your peers for a massive payout. You can always stick to online jackpot games won locally at Jackpoty and face less competition. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, we have all the information you need about jackpot games. You don’t need any previous experience to have the same chances to win the jackpot as veterans. All you need is luck and the enthusiasm to play these immensely entertaining online casino games.

Progressive and Non-Progressive Jackpot Games

Online jackpot games play an important role in any Internet casino ecosystem. Jackpoty provides you with everything you need to fulfill your expectations and compete for huge prize pools. The first and most important decision you need to make is whether to choose a progressive or non-progressive casino jackpot game. Both types of games are just as exciting and we work with leading software developers, known for their flawless track record in designing such games.

Quickfire and NetEnt have some of the best progressive jackpot games pooled across wider networks of casinos. When you compete for such a jackpot online you join a huge community of equally enthusiastic punters. The definition of progressive jackpot slots is that it keeps growing until somebody finally wins the main prize. In theory, this can go on indefinitely, so there is no ceiling to how much the jackpot can grow. The information about current jackpots is displayed on our site and next to each game.

Non-progressive jackpots are just as easy to understand and slightly easier to win. The amount is standard and you always know how much money you can win if you are lucky. It doesn’t matter how frequent the winnings are, because the amount is always the same and predictable. By comparison, progressive jackpot games are reset to a predetermined amount, rather than being reset to zero. Once you make up your mind and know what game you want to play, you can look for my jackpot information.

A juicy little nugget about progressive jackpot games is that players double their efforts and increase the best if the jackpot isn’t won in a long time. This is the time when the price goes up at an accelerated pace and that’s when usually record-breaking jackpots are won.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Progressive jackpot games in general and slots, in particular, are among the most popular varieties online. Jackpoty provides you with the best games you could possibly hope for, so you can start spinning the reels right away. We have explained above the progressive nature of the jackpot online game. It is time to look at how the prize is fueled why these games are so popular among casual and veteran punters alike.

Each time you spin the reels of progressive jackpot slots or play table games carrying such epic payouts, you contribute to the main prize. Only a fraction of the money spent is diverted to fuel the jackpot and the rest of the stake goes towards the payout. This means that if you play a game with a high RTP, the vast majority of the money you spend will return to you. Since most of the best progressive jackpot games have a return to players of more than 93%, you are actually playing high-yield games.

All jackpots and the progressive games offering them should be regarded as a bonus that comes when least expected. The most important thing is to choose a game that can deliver steady winnings while carrying a low house edge. The software developers that have partnered with Jackpoty have a reputation for offering such games to online players. Free spins, wild symbols, and bonus games spice things up for slots fans, in their quest for the progressive jackpot win.

The Biggest Progressive Jackpots Ever Won

Jackpoty has all the best progressive jackpot games in its portfolio. This means that you can choose pretty much any game you fancy and enter the race for big profits. We know that past performance can help predict future results and that’s why the biggest jackpots ever won are so fascinating. These slots have paid huge amounts over the years and they continue to rank high in the preferences of modern gamblers.

Mega Moolah is the holder of multiple online jackpot games records. The top two winners grant €19.4 million, respectively €18.9 million in 2021 and 2018. In a top 10 list of best paying progressive jackpots, this amazing game has six other entries with payouts from €13 million-€17 million. The family jackpot games also feature Mega Fortune with a €17.8 million paycheck won in 2013 and €11.7 million in 2011. Sisters of Oz WowPot made a millionaire in 2021, with a British player winning £15.1 million.

What Are the Chances to Hit Progressive Jackpot?

Here at Jackpoty, we're perfectly fair and honest with our players. That’s why we have to say that when you play jackpot online games, you are not a favorite to win the main prize. The good news is that even though the odds are stacked against you, you only need to get lucky ones to win a huge sum. Progressive jackpot games have the uncanny ability to deliver significant payouts with a tiny investment. The odds of winning are one in many millions, but if you are truly lucky there will be nothing stopping you.

The best part about progressive jackpots, in general, is that everyday winnings are just as meaningful. Keep in mind that many of these games have a high return to players, so you can boost your bankroll with regular gameplay winnings. Slots have free spins, bonus rounds, and wild symbols with multipliers that can increase profits. Table games and card games with jackpots also have a high average return to player and if proper strategy is used you can boost your bankroll steadily.

Is it profitable to play jackpot games?

The return to the player is the most important thing to consider when you choose a game or another. This applies to slots, table games, and other genres, with or without progressive jackpots. The latter increases the odds of striking it rich with a bet, but the everyday profits depend on game volatility and RTP.

Should I bet the maximum amount on jackpot games?

Some progressive jackpots can only be won if players bet the maximum coin size. You can bet less and fully enjoy the standard gameplay and even be eligible for some of the lower-tier jackpots. However, it would be heartbreaking to strike the jackpot combination and be ineligible because you didn’t bet Max coin.

Progressive or non-progressive jackpots games?

The choice is totally yours. Progressive jackpot games are more difficult to win, but these are the ones that set the records everyone is talking about. Non-progressive jackpots pay less but more often and in most cases, these are the prizes won locally. Jackpoty has the best of both types.

How often do players win progressive jackpots?

Every week somebody wins a progressive jackpot, but that’s mainly because there are so many games out there. Record-breaking sums are won several times a year, and these games have made many millionaires over the last decade. The odds of winning for individual players are lower than when playing the lottery.

Will I get paid if I win a progressive jackpot?

Jackpoty will always pay its jackpot and regular winners on time and in full. Depending on the terms and conditions, the amount can be paid in one payment or several smaller ones. This is of course, important but when you become a millionaire, time is always on your side.

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