Mortal Combat
Prize Pool
1 tournament point = 0.5 EUR real money bet
Lucky devils are double lucky, so come into attack off like a shot! At the beginning of each month you can get an additional reward. This monthly tournament will make your game challenging and exciting. Every month you have a chance to fight for the first places and to become the best one! Moreover, if you take the 1st place three times in a row, your 3rd prize will be doubled.
The awards are distributed as follows:
Tournament games
Place Name Points Prize
There are no players in this tournament yet.
Terms & Conditions
  1. The tournament starts on the 1st day of each month at 00.01 (UTC) and ends on the last day of the month at 23.59 (UTC).
  2. The prize pool is €2,000.
  3. The awards shall be played through 3 times.
  4. If a player takes the 1st place three times in a row, the 3rd award will be doubled. To get the additional prize, a player shall contact the live chat on the 1st day of each month at the latest.
  5. If a player makes bets in a currency different from EUR, the awards will be issued in the player’s currency.
  6. The players with at least one deposit take part in the tournament.
  7. Each €0.5 real money bet brings 1 tournament point.
  8. Only bets in slots are taken into account; bets in table games and games with dealers are not taken into account.
  9. Eligible players are ranked based on tournament points collected for the specific tournament period.
  10. The awards will be added automatically after the tournament ends.
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