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Jackpot games have fascinated players long before online casinos came along. The prospect of winning a huge amount with a small investment is just as exciting today as it was half a century ago. The difference is that online gambling operators such as Jackpoty casino brought these exciting jackpot slots to the fingertips of modern punters. You no longer have to leave your home and drive to a land-based casino to chase your dreams, as you can simply play the best paying games at home and mobile. Some of the most popular games of today are progressive jackpot games. They have a track record in making millionaires without requiring a huge bankroll or any previous experience. All you need is luck and the best jackpot online casino to strike it rich and become the latest millionaire. Jackpoty provides the best paying jackpot games, supplied by leading developers, in a secure and friendly environment.

Progressive Jackpot Games Explained

Jackpoty is home to some of the most exciting jackpot games and among them, progressive ones stand out from the crowd. The moment you sign up for an account at online Jackpoty you can start spinning the reels of progressive slots or play table games with similar mechanics. Progressive jackpot games are easy to understand and quite frankly, the name speaks for itself.

Their core feature has the winnings increase every time a player places a bet, as a percentage of the stake contributes to the jackpot. The name “progressive” stands for perpetual, as the jackpot keeps growing until somebody hits the winning combination. Given the sheer difficulty of winning the jackpot, it can take a while until a lucky player walks away with the main prize. The longer it takes to win the prize, the more it grows and this is how progressive jackpot games set records.

When somebody wins the jackpot, the amount is reset to a predetermined value, rather than going to zero. The amount usually starts at $1 million for some of the best paying progressive jackpot slots that you can find at online Jackpoty casino. Other jackpots start small, but six-digit amount and even last but they quickly resume their climb. The thing about this genre is that the prizes tend to increase faster after they cross a certain threshold. That’s because players take notice and become more active while betting more.

High-risk, High Reward Games

Jackpoty has plenty of progressive and locally won jackpots on its platform. Winning any of these potentially life-changing amounts is not easy, as the odds are similar to what we find in lottery games. It is only natural for things to work this way, otherwise, jackpots would never climb to those amazing amounts. This means that it takes a lot of time for players to win and this leads to high volatility.

Low volatility games provide more frequent winnings of smaller magnitude, while high volatility ones award larger amounts less often. When you decide to spin the reels of a progressive jackpot slot or play table games with similar mechanics in the Jackpoty casino lobby, you need to understand volatility. The use of proper bankroll management is needed to keep your budget balanced while chasing the jackpot.

The beauty of the progressive jackpot games is that most of them have a high return to player. In your quest for that one big win, you can also unlock one of the many lower-tier winnings. If the RTP is high enough the regular gameplay wins will be the bread and butter of each gambling session. Casino Jackpoty has plenty of such top games from leading developers, with the RTP percentage and volatility clearly displayed next to them. This enables you to make an informed decision and boost the odds of winning.

Local and Network Shared Jackpots

Jackpoty casino online stays true to its name and offers players a lot of freedom in choosing the jackpot games they will be chasing. There are two distinct categories depending on how the prizes are built and whether they are won locally or shared with other casinos. This applies to both slots, where you are supposed to match identical symbols on the reels, and table games such as blackjack where specific hand combinations must be achieved.

Locally won progressive jackpots are easier to beat because they are available exclusively to players from Jackpoty. When you sign up for an account, you compete with your peers who also chose to join the casino. The advantage is less competition, but with fewer players fueling the jackpot, it takes longer for the price to reach stratospheric limits. In some regards, local jackpots are a compromise because they offer big potential winnings with slightly lower volatility.

Network shared progressive jackpots are the true millionaire makers and there is no shortage of such new games at Jackpoty casino online. Just as the name indicates, these games are available to players from several casinos and everyone competes for the same prize. With more players in the mix, the prizes go up faster and records are more likely to be set. All progressive jackpot games require players to meet certain requirements to qualify for the jackpot. When you choose network-shared games, all participating players abide by the same rules, regardless of the casino where they have the account.

Perks of Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

Jackpoty provides you with access to the best-paying jackpot games and the means to chase these potentially huge winnings. The question is whether it’s worth playing these games in the first place or are there better alternatives out there. The main and obvious advantage of playing these games is that you can strike rich ones and win a huge amount. This is not something that can happen at any other online casino game, where there is a clear link between the investment and potential winnings.

Progressive jackpot games are also immensely entertaining and generate a lot of enthusiasm among players. Casinos display the current amounts of the jackpots they offer in real-time. This enables prospective players to analyze several games simultaneously and make an educated decision. Jackpoty supplies such information and keeps it up to date, so you know which the best paying games are.

Jackpot games with a high RTP can deliver steady winnings to lucky players. This means that even if you never win the jackpot or come even close, you could still boost your bankroll. You need to be incredibly lucky to claim the jackpot, but if the payout percentages are high enough, this isn’t all that important. At the end of the day, smaller and frequent winnings are the foundation of a fulfilling gaming experience.

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